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I'm sorry but I truly believe there is such a huge difference between physically pinning down and raping an un-consenting person and having mutual sex with a fully consenting 15 year old. If Jason forced her or coerced her even slightly then I'd agree with you, but she said herself she consented to it. Yes he should have known better, but 15 year olds aren't children. They act like grown ups, most of them are having sex already and it's hard to draw a line in this sort of situation.


I’m sorry, i can’t hear you over the sound of the fucking law

Now can we please stop debating this incident? Jason admitted he was wrong, ania said she felt used, she was under the age of consent, jason’s friends have left him, he has left the internet, there are other victims beside ania.




The YouTuber with the stupid fucking “cotton candy hair” that everyone probably made fun of at Warped Tour allegedly got fellow YouTuber, aniamags, drunk when she was just 15 years old, and he was 20, and had sex with her. Now, several others are coming out with similar stories about this dude and it is sickening.

Ania released a video explaining her side of what happened which you can watch below. You can also watch stupid hair fuck’s video where he cites getting 15 year old Ania drunk as being, “the only way he knew how to socialize.” I guess if you have stupid fucking hair it’s okay to get a minor drunk then take advantage of her as long as the situation is “awkward” and you “don’t have much in common with her.”

But hey, the guy released an unlisted YouTube video apologizing, AND he made his hair look slightly less idiotic in it so I guess all is going to be forgiven. At the end of the day, fuck this dude.

As far as Ania and anyone else who has been in a similar situation, we extend our support to you as we can’t even begin to imagine how horrible it must have been to have gone what you have gone through. You are incredibly strong and brave for sharing your story, and we are so sorry you had to endure anything like that.

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